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Holistic web designI got involved with ”holistic” web design as an idealist web designer, with a mission to spread the word about alternative medicine. All the sites I built at first were in the field of holistic medicine, such as acupuncturists and massage therapists. I loved promoting the message of natural healing, but felt like something was missing from the way I was looking at web design.

Holistic web design gradually came to mean something different to me- I look at the WHOLE website- body, mind, and spirit. In technical terms, in addition to visual design, we look at the code it’s composed of, it’s functionality (programming, or the things it does), and how well it is doing in terms of search rankings, social media mentions/likes, and overall reputation.

When I first started developing websites, I hand-coding all my websites in .html. This was a long, and sometimes a very long process. Gratefully, I have switched to WordPress, which I have found to be a flexible, robust, extendable, and user- friendly website platform. WordPress represents a zen- like evolution in development, simplifying and cleaning up the process.

You can start simply, with a theme or template. To make modifications, we work with the html/css/javascript/php coding that is the backbone of a WordPress website. We can also create completely custom designs, or build your Photoshop mockup in WordPress for you.

You get a Content Management System- allowing simple modification to the content of your web pages through a built-in editor. Learn more about WordPress.