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The Images on your Website and Copyright Law

It’s so easy. You want an image of something, you search for it on google, you find it, download it, and use it for what you want. Did you know that most of those images are protected by copyright laws? And if you put them on your website, or your webs designer does, you can actually get sued for a lot of money?

How to tell if your Website Contains Copyrighted Images- If you didn’t purchase the rights, it’s safe to assume they are protected under copyright law.

Security for Your WordPress Website

When it comes to website platforms, Wordpress is arguably the best- now powering over 20% of the world’s websites. It has one major downfall- hacking. With some nimble measures, hackers can be kept off your website, but unprotected sites are like a sitting duck.

Wordpress is open-source, so its functionality is extendable with software add-ons written and maintained by other parties. Poor choice of username/ password, themes and plugins that aren’t updated to the latest versions, and lack of other security measures in some Wordpress installations give hackers an embossed invitation that says “please hack me”!

Website Design and Development for Holistic Practitioners

As practitioners of the healing arts, or owners of a holistic business, we need to know what makes our web presence unique among other businesses on the internet.

Our primary concern is to make a website that portrays our business is a professional, reassuring light. We focus on a clean design that renders perfectly on mobile devices, is simple to use, and contains clear marketing calls to action for client conversion.

What is the best approach to creating a website for a holistic practice?

Using an Online Website Builder vs Hiring a Web Designer

In this post I will outline the pros and cons of using an online website builder like, vs those of hiring a web designer/ developer, or web development firm.
online website builders like wix, weebly, and

Online website builder software provides customers with a user interface and hundreds of templates to build your website. The top companies include,, and, but there are many more. For a small amount per month, a client can develop their own website by means of the drag and drop interface. Most of these companies have made the learning curve on their software pretty small, so getting very basic website up in a hurry is fairly easy.

A web designer and developer does at least 2 jobs. The design part is more artistic, with a skill set that involves the visual layout and ergonomics of the site. A developer is more of a programmer, or someone who works more with the way a site works- it’s functionality.

Search Engine Optimization: A Layman’s Perspective

There is a great deal of confusion concerning what exactly is SEO, or search engine optimization. The goal of this article is to give a layman’s overview of the process web developers go through as they optimize a website for search engines.

What search engines do is attempt to discover the most relevant results for the phrase or word entered in the search box. It’s simple, but how they accomplish it is not. Google uses an algorithm (a computer program that look for clues to give you back exactly what you want) that rely on more than 200 unique signals or “clues” that make it possible to guess what you might really be looking for.

SEO has 2 parts, on-site and off-site.

Website Platform Migration: HTML code to WordPress CMS

Just like there are lots of older cars on the road still driving around, there are a lot of old .html sites on the web, still lurking around not doing much. They often don’t look great, maybe something has stopped working or an image or two or missing, like buttons on an old coat.

It can be a sensitive issue, but once we get around to the topic of trading in old faithful, and getting a new, shiny model of website, people are all ears. They have usually heard of WordPress, the open-source web platform that currently powers over 20% of the world’s websites.

A Summer Marketing Plan for your Small Business- Why it’s Important to Have One

It’s summer. Sales in your small business have slowed down and leads have diminished as everyone goes on vacation. Since you run a small business, you probably don’t go on vacation. Yet. If you read this article and stick to a simple marketing plan, you might be on the beach by summer next year!

The tendency is to get depressed when this happens. We tend to blame ourselves, which is an energy that is not conducive to success. I am here to suggest that summer slowdown is an opportunity for you to step up your marketing efforts. And if want to feel focused and efficient in this effort, a marketing plan is your next step. Instead, you will feel scattered in your efforts and they will not generate the small business success you envision.

Local Search Optimization: The How and Why

Just when you thought you had regular search engine optimization understood, local search optimization is thrown into the mix. Local search optimization refers to our attempts to raise the ranking of a website for searches in your local area. A typical example of an access point for local search optimization is Google maps, which allows your small business to get a free web page.

Statistics now show that over 20% of all searches are related to location. Local Search is the fastest-growing segment in online advertising. Local listings are part of search engine results when a searcher includes the location keyword phrase. The local SEO listings can appear with a map and even rank higher than the number-one website on the results page.

WordPress- Not Just for Blogging Anymore

A popular misconception among the less tech savvy clients I encounter is that WordPress is “for blogging”. It’s true that when it first was developed years ago, it became mainly a blog platform. Many of the WordPress themes available were similar to each other, with standard and somewhat lame widgets for “recent posts” or “comments” in the sidebar on the right.

Things have thankfully changed over the years- WordPress is now a full- fledged website platform that comes with a user- friendly and well- documented Content Management System with a first class user interface, the WordPress dashboard.