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WordPress Website Design and Development

WordPress started as an open source project designed to make blogging easier. It has grown into a robust, scalable platform that now powers about 20% of the websites on the planet.

Wordpress Content Management System Dashboard

WordPress Content Management System Dashboard

With WordPress, you as the client get a user- friendly UI (user interface or dashboard) that allows you to make simple modifications to website content. The starting point for design can be a pre- designed template, of which there are a multitude, both free and premium. Or, you may opt for a completely custom design, which we can build your WordPress website around.

There is no limit to what you can do with WordPress functionality. WordPress has what are called “plugins”, which are small packets of software that we upload to the site, adding any functionality you can think of to your website. Plugins are both free and premium.

Themes and plugins are also either free or premium, which means you buy them from a service like themeforest or elegant themes. There are lots of free ones out there that work well, but it can be a bit hit and miss. With a premium theme, you have the assurance of technical support in case there is an issue or bug in the theme. The same is true with plugins, except for the fact that plenty of free plugins are premium quality.