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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a “salad bar” of choices, with ever- changing selections. Holistic thinking works well as a paradigm to view marketing- the sum total of your efforts is greater than the pieces, but all the pieces need to be managed to produce a holistically healthy marketing campaign. The trick is to put together an attractive and nourishing plate.

Before You Start- Optimizing your Website for Marketing

Start with a visually pleasing website that is user- friendly and properly optimized. Visuals are part of this, in fact what they say about first impressions goes double for websites. You will want to create clear marketing calls to action (like a button that says “sign up” for example), so people know what to do when they get there, and possibly a landing page.

Develop a plan with your Internet marketing expert, and follow through with the plan. This is the most important part- follow through is where many small businesses drop the ball in terms of resource management.

We add Google Analytics to track the progress of campaign and website traffic in general, and to give us specific insights like click through rates or sources of internet traffic.

Planning an Internet Marketing Campaign

The trick to planning a successful campaign is in the allocation of resources. A successful internet marketing campaign might consist of all or some of the following:

  • Google Adwords– the service that allows you to pay Google for top- placed listings and clicks to your site.
  • Facebook business page/ Facebook advertising– works well to target a demographic, we use keywords to narrow an audience.
  • Email Newsletter– still the best internet marketing bang for your buck. We use Mailchimp or Constant Contact.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn– we recommend establishing a presence on these social networks, for purposes of networking and promotion.
  • Local Search Engines–  Reputation management is becoming more important, as online reviews continue to gain clout.Yellow Pages, Google, Yahoo Local, Hotfrog, Yelp, and Bing, for starters.
  • Video marketing– a powerful channel for internet marketing. Many of my clients hesitate with this when it should probably be on top of the list. Making a professional video usually requires hiring a professional, unless you have the proper skills and equipment. We mark the video up with keyword- rich titles and descriptions and distribute it to Youtube, Vimeo, and others.

Pricing an Internet Marketing Campaign

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