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Holistic Website Design

To better understand someone’s health, we can use a holistic perspective- taking into account various aspects of their physical, mental, and spiritual health. In the same way, a holistic assessment of your web presence can reveal areas of disharmony that may need attention.

At Holistic Web Design, we deliver holistic health care to your website. From it’s design, to it’s functionality, to the feeling it delivers, we will make sure your website is performing up to all your expectations.

We look at:

  • visual appeal
  • search engine optimization
  • information architecture
  • marketing effectiveness
  • local search optimization
  • speed and software/server performance
  • mobile optimization
  • social media presence
  • ad performance

Whatever your size business or venture, a holistic health assessment of your web presence will help discern the best path forward to reach your goals. To get a holistic assessment of your web presence, please fill out the following form:

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