Website Makeover

A New Look for Your Website

As you’ve heard, they are important. In web marketing they are of utmost importance- poor design, old looking graphic styles, will give your website a bounce rate to spin your head around. Old .html websites or websites built on platforms like or some such pre- historic content management system, need to find their way into the present. A good visual makeover is a great way to re- invigorate your old website. Consider moving to a platform like WordPress in order to insure that the inner workings are as good as your new look.

Recent Website Makeovers:

The Wholeness Center

The Wholeness Center is an integrated alternative medicine located in Fort Collins, representing a new vision of natural health and integrative medicine. We re-designed the site to be more visually appealing, organized the information on the homepage, and created clearer marketing calls to action. We used the Clinico premium WordPress theme.

healing center website makeover


Hugh’s Acupuncture Clinic

We took this website out of old .html format andf replaced it with WordPress CMS and a fresh look with the Medical Plus theme. We gave this site a more professional look and feel appropriate for a doctor’s office. Read what Hugh had to say about Holistic Web Design.

Webite Makeover.