Website Design and Development for Holistic Practitioners


As practitioners of the healing arts, or owners of a holistic business, we need to know what makes our web presence unique among other businesses on the internet, so we can start to develop a specialized marketing plan.

What is the best approach to creating a website for a holistic practice?

What is Special about Holistic Web Design and Development?

holistic web design and developmentThe first thing is our clients. People who are looking for alternatives to conventional medicine, and often women in the 30-50 age group. What they are looking for in a practitioner website is a calm assurance that they are in the right place. We need to stay away from busy designs, and make a soothing impression using imagery.

Our primary concern is to make a website that portrays our business is a professional, reassuring light. We focus on a clean design that renders perfectly on mobile devices, is simple to use, and contains clear marketing calls to action for client conversion.

Secondarily, people need to know we are qualified to help them. This doesn’t mean they want to read 5 pages on our life history, from the time we hiked through the Everglades to our favorite color. People are visiting your website to learn about themselves- not you. Less is more here- have your resume with education, professional certifications, and continuing education summarized on a sub page for easy, quick viewing.

Potential clients also want to know their rights are respected- therefore it is advisable to include a privacy policy and a terms of use page on your website. Most practitioners also like to have their office forms online in easily downloadable .pdf format.

Functionality that Super- Charges your Website

We work with WordPress, which powers over 20% of the world’s websites. It allows for the easy addition of software to extend it’s functionality. For holistic practices, one thing that seems to work very well is online scheduling. Clients love to sign themselves up for treatments, so let’s make it easy for them!

Contact us for more suggestions on turning your website’s visitors into clients.

What is not Unique?

The website we create for our holistic practice also shares certain elements with other sites on the web. Responsive, or mobile- friendly design rendering is of utmost importance and will continue to be as the market grows. Check the responsiveness of your website now. If it doesn’t pass the check please contact us immediately, you are losing business.

Clear marketing language that appeals to the potential customer will grow your business much faster than esoteric discussions on your particular healing modality. Be sure to use a clear call to action on your homepage.

Search engine optimization must be a part of the picture, with on-site SEO in place right out of the gate- proper title and description tags, image and link tags, information architecture, sitemaps, and various other technical factors. Off site SEO is also very important- our efforts to drive traffic to our site through social media, e-marketing, blogging and other techniques.

Google and other search engines include social media account integration in their algorithm for displaying search results, so it’s necessary to cover your bases here. Many healers are social media shy, but this can be overcome, or you can hire us, we are happy to do it for you. We can design a social media plan tailored to your needs and automate some tasks for efficiency.


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