A Summer Marketing Plan for your Small Business- Why it’s Important to Have One


get a summer marketing plan!It’s summer. Sales in your small business have slowed down and leads have diminished as everyone goes on vacation. Since you run a small business, you probably don’t go on vacation. Yet. If you read this article and stick to a simple marketing plan, you might be on the beach by summer next year!

The tendency is to get depressed when this happens. We tend to blame ourselves, which is an energy that is not conducive to success. I am here to suggest that summer slowdown is an opportunity for you to step up your marketing efforts. And if want to feel focused and efficient in this effort, a marketing plan is your next step. Instead, you will feel scattered in your efforts and they will not generate the small business success you envision.

I am not suggesting you go and write a 50 page document complete with financials. This would take most of all summer anyway. So keep it simple. First you need to block out a  few hours, everyday if possible. Get ready to do your marketing during this time everyday, because the key is consistency.

Vision is important at this stage. How many leads do you want per week from your efforts? How do you want your small business to look in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year? Visualize your success as thoroughly as possible. Write it down and put it by your desk so you can look at it everyday.

Make a list of things you want to do for marketing. Here is a list to draw from:

  • Web site- improvements and updates are always needed.
    • Social Media
    • Blog Posts
    • E-Newsletters
  • Direct marketing – sales letters, brochures, flyers
  • Attend marketing events- meetups in your niche, etc.
  • Advertising – print media, directories
  • Write articles, give advice, become known as an expert
  • Contact old/ new clients directly
  • Publicity/press releases

Of course, as the owner of your small business, only you know the specific marketing efforts that might work specific to your area or field.  For instance,  since my small business involves web design and social media, the web is naturally going to be my focus.

Small Business Marketing Vision If you like spreadsheets, you can create an Excel spreadsheet and make a simple schedule for yourself to stick to. Now simply plug in the marketing efforts you have chosen for your small business into the schedule. Simple right? Yes! Now comes the footwork.

To get the motivation you need, look at your goals or the assets you developed in your visioning process. Then, get started, and follow through everyday. Make a list and check things off- it works!

Set up a nice reward for yourself at the end of the week if you accomplish all your marketing efforts. This part is very important- it’s summer after all, and life is more that work! After time this will develop into a habit, something you may choose to do all the time to build your small business.

Contact us for help putting together an internet marketing plan, specific to your holistic practice or small business.

Happy marketing!

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